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Handling Two Kids Under 2 Years

Children are great gifts to a parent. In life, the best things come in doubles! Going by WiseMamma, you’ll need to come up with methods of coping with such.

Adjusting can be overwhelming when you have two children to look after and life changes completely. With the eldest hardly into the early stages of toddler development, it means going back to attending to the needs of a toddler. You’ve always promised yourself that you’d offer the best parenting ever. While that’s what you’d like to do, it proving hard. Although rewarding and exciting, it a significant change that’s sending a cold chill down your spine.

Undoubtedly, there are merits of having children who’re close. WiseMamma asserts kids who’re close in age can establish a strong connection as they grow up due to their similar experiences.

Despite the fact they might be close in age, they exhibit diverse needs and attending to the individual can be challenging. The tips below will steer you in the right direction:

Cook in One Pot

After weaning your youngest one, WIseMamma advises that you can make things simpler by cooking a similar food for both children. That’s because they’re close in age and their meals would require only slight tweaks that wouldn’t bring much difference.

If you get used to cooking baby food, you’ll note the methods are transferable from one age to another. WiseMamma says that you don’t have to buy everything double. When preparing your own food, spice up with carrots for the young dice them for the eldest as snacks.

Double Up

Doubling up is the mantra of WiseMamma. For example, you can have a double stroller that can fit two babies. They should sleep in the same bedroom. Transfer clothes or the car seat between the two kids because they’re close in age without the need to make extra purchases.
From then on, you should develop the habit of thinking in doubles meaning purchasing something for your eldest but thinking about the future with the youngest children.

Time Plan

You might be wondering how to allocate your time for the attention and care of each child. It should not trouble you. Naturally, a small kid will take frequent naps meaning you can use this time to strengthen the bond with your eldest. When the eldest is playing, you have all the attention glued to the youngest.

As it is, it should not be hard for the modern parents to care for two kids under the age of two with the multitude of parenting tips available.